pronounced like tiger but without the "er".
Tadhg Ennis Miami Ad School Graduation video


Tadhg Ennis Miami Ad School Graduation video

After 2 years at Miami Ad School, I had made a lot of ads, A LOT. Some good, more bad but hey it sure was fun.

Vans Brandon baghead Part 01

Vans are all about defying the norm. That's why a man born with a bag on his head supports their "off the wall" look and culture more than any other shoe brand.

Lego 6 second you tube ads

Choose typography life

A Jeep Journey

An advert I wrote and VO'ed for the Jeep Journey campaign.

Mubi, Classics never end.

A little story by Tadhg Ennis

A little story about life

bacon bowl demo video

In bacon we trust. DO NOT buy this product

I Live in New York City