pronounced like tiger but without the "er".


Hi, I’m Tadhg.

I moved from Dublin to New York in 2009. Penniless and lost, I found work behind a New York City bar. I had never bartended before, my background was in Broadcast design; but I did know how to tell a good story, a good joke or two, and I was always armed with plenty of wise quotes about life given to me by my Dad (there are thousands). 

Bartending taught me many things. It taught me how to connect with people from all walks of life. It thought me to know when to listen, to know how to listen. It taught me that money comes and goes fast, especially in this city, so make sure to put some away – “Your runaway money” as me father calls it. It taught me not to look up to anyone, nor look down on anyone, but to look everyone in the eye as an equal. It taught me that a smile, hug or a handshake can mean so much more than anything you could ever say. It taught me how to learn from observing people and their interactions. Human behavior passes so many of us by and many people don’t take notice. I do, and that has helped me learn how to process those interactions into insights.

 Today, I am luckily enough to be able to take from those experiences and apply them to many aspects of my life and my work. 
If you’re willing to hear my experiences, I’m always willing to tell them.

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